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Things to Do Along the Tour Route

Scenery stops, picnics, fishing, exploring history, etc.

Bus Tour (Occasional)

Bus tours once or twice a year. Watch here for our next one.

Special Events in the Area

Annual Christmas Service at Craigmore Church, Christmas Eve, led by RHPRI

Summer Apple Fest at Petrofka Orchard, led by Orchard owner

Peter’s Day in Blaine Lake, late June, led by the Blaine Lake Doukhobor Society

During July, the National Doukhobor Dugout House is open on Saturdays. Visit their website for details:

Some tips for the visitor:

Road conditions vary depending on the season and the weather. The route is mainly country roads, including some gravel grid roads and some less well-maintained dirt roads. Many are not passable in winter, if the snowfall is heavy, and some are difficult during the spring thaw. Caution is advised. Be sure to check the weather conditions before heading out.

Cell phone service is limited in some areas along the route.

There are some great places for a picnic lunch but limited places to buy a snack, so it’s recommended that visitors bring their own food and water.

Public washrooms are very limited and only available at towns along Highway 40.

Please watch for and yield to large farm machinery in the area during seeding and harvest. Respect both private property and the natural landscapes in the area.